Spiritual Audio Recordings (Satsangs)

Please note: we offer these recordings as a free service to all beloveds, however it does require resources for us to do so. If you find these recordings helpful and feel called, consider making a donation so we can continue to offer this service to everyone. Thank you.

Satsang is Sanskrit: sat = true, sanga = company.

Chris at a satsang

A satsang with Chris Celine is an opportunity to listen to an awakened one speak directly and for those in attendance to have their hearts deepest questions answered in person. Please join us. For sesssion dates please go to our Calendar. You can also listen to our growing audio collection of recent satsangs with Chris Celine. All satsang recordings can now be downloaded as .mp3 files for listening on your digital audios devices.

For sesssion dates please go to our Calendar.

Download count Download link
What Do I Hear? What Do I See? 8-7-14 8
Using the Keys to Open the Cage 8-12-14
The Violin Sings 6-5-14
The Sun is Rising
The Gifts of Love 7-15-14 1
The Light is Pouring 6-17-14
Surrendering the Shield 7-17-14
Suffocating in the Bag of Truth 6-24-14
Relinquishing Ownership 8-26-14
Releasing Temptations 6-19-1
Recognizing Choice 8-14-14
No Slaves 7-1-14
No Longer Being Hogtied 6-10-14
Looking in the Mirror 7-24-14
Listening 8-19-14
Lighten Up! 8-21-14 3
Inheritance 6-26-14
Disintegrating Into Love 7-3-14
Choosing 8-8-14
Who Lives Next Door? 5-8-14 72
Universe Germinating 1-7-14 41
Truth Is the Light 3-20-14 34
There Is No Problem 3-4-14 39
The Power of the Eagle 3-13-14 28
The Power of Thought 1-28-14 27
The Permanence of Love 2-20-14 26
The Light of Love 3-6-14 27
The Grace of Love 4-29-14 30
he Freedom of Wings 4-24-14 22
Temporary Choice 4-15-14 31
Take No Prisoners 5-1-14 28
Take No Prisoners 2-18-14 25
Swim Like a Fish 2-27-14 32
Ruined 1-16-14 39
Reverence 5-15-14 24
Pray to be Humble 3-25-14 27
Please Help Me 2-6-14 28
Planting the Seed 3-18-14 17
Nothing To Do 5-27-14 27
Losing Self Identity 4-1-14 31