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If your commitment and longing for full awakening and freedom is the top priority in your life, if you have heard the ancient inner call to remember, then I invite you to join me in my awareness that you are truly the Divine Expression of All Love. I call you to enter the yes with me, and open to living within the Peace and Joy of All Love.

About Chris Celine

My childhood world was one of abuse, repression and terror. This is what I believed the world was about. Until, from the depths of my despair, I began searching for a new way. My conscious spiritual journey began when I was called as a young adult, determined to find new life and freedom from this limited world, to a higher quest for the Truth of myself. I studied many forms of spiritual practice, including Buddhism, Native American, Judaism and others, and soon became aware that the Source of All Life is within all traditions.

Approximately 25 years ago, I entered into a deep Shamanic /healing Path centered in the heart of Brazil. I remained fully committed and dedicated to my journey in this form for eight years, healing most of the false ideas that I carried through all of my lifetimes. After this I was called to enter a several year retreat. During this time I was guided to enter fully into the teaching of A Course in Miracles. I received the transmission completely through my heart, and guided by my prayers, intention and deep devotion to be healed of all that held me prisoner in this temporary illusion, my heart completely melted and I awakened to the Truth of All Love. Since my awakening, I have dedicated my life to guide, with radical gentleness and complete devotion, all beloveds who have a deep desire to come home easily and gently.

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Chris Celine Interview - Buddha at the Gas Pump

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